VolCAT 2018, more than just a mountain bike race


It has been included among the best European stage-based events on its sporting merit alone. It is the oldest stage-based event in Spain and coming up on its 13th edition. Once again, it will form part of the international UCI schedule. It includes popular competition formats, as well as carefully-designed routes to offer fun and physical enjoyment at all levels. Because it takes place during the Easter break, this means it’s perfect for a sporting holiday and was attended by 1,000 bikers last year who created an amazing atmosphere.

Besides the racing itself and fully aware that there is time for a bit of everything when you’re on holiday, Ocisport has sought to enhance the activities that surround the race and increase the number of ways to take part. The VolCAT Festival concept will be particularly strong in 2018.

Sport No Limit Travel will make it easy to find accommodation in the area for those looking for the highest levels of comfort. They offer attractive travel packs that include race entry and accommodation.

If you prefer tents or caravans, a specific camping area will be set up for you near the finishing line. There will be space for up to 50 pitches in the camping area, where you will also be able to park your car next to your tent. The organisers have also set up shower facilities only 500 metres away, which will have running water and a dishwash area. The price is €15 per person staying from Thursday to Sunday.

The same applies for those travelling to VolCAT in a camper or caravan. A tarmacked area will be provided with room for 50 caravans and supervised access. Electricity connections, showers and running water are some of the services included for the price of €60 per caravan from Thursday to Sunday.


Additional activities besides the competition itself

Besides the race, the finishing line will have an exhibition area for various commercial brands to showcase their wares, as well as various places offering services to the riders (e.g. recovery massages) and tourist information about the towns hosting the various VolCAT stages.

One of the most interesting aspects will be the children’s activities, which will make taking part in VolCAT with your family more fun than ever before. Inflatables, Push Bike Trial, Woodpark and Pump track so that children have just as much fun as the adults. These activities will begin at 11:00 each morning. Furthermore, there will be a race on Saturday afternoon for boys and girls up to 14 years old.

The evenings will be more fun with “La Lenta time”. From 18:00 to 19:00, ambient music will accompany you as you discuss the day with friends and get ready for the next day.

Workshops and exhibitions will take place throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.

VolCAT wishes to embrace electric bikes. On Saturday afternoon, you will be able to experience one of the race stages on your e-bike.

In short, VolCAT 2018 will be more than just three mountain bike stages - it will be three days full of activities, a great atmosphere and fun to help you enjoy a different Easter break this year.


VolCAT 2018, more than just a mountain bike race