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The day before the first stage we’ll assemble your bike if you bring it in a box and we’ll give it a once over so that its ready for the competition.
At the beginning of each stage we’ll be there to check your tyre pressure and any last-minute things before you set off.
At the end of the stage you can leave your bike with us and we will clean it, lubricate it, examine it and repair it so that its ready for the next stage.
On the final day we’ll clean it and grease it so it’s ready to take home, and if necessary we’ll put it in your bike bag for you.
Everything is included in the price, including cleaning and greasing products. If any spare parts are used this will be charged separately.
To make sure we have the right spare parts in stock, fill out the form with your bicycle details.
All this from the best team of bicycle professionals.
Treatment starts before the first stage in order to get your legs up to the challenge.
The aim of the service is to reduce muscle strain and any contractures that may arise on race days, as well as treating any injuries that you may suffer. The massage will last 30–40 minutes, just the right amount of time to achieve our goals.
We use deep friction techniques, moderate massages, palm pressure, vibration techniques, stretching, etc.
We will be there at the start of the stage to apply warm-up cream and to stimulate your muscles so they’re up to the challenge ahead.
All material is included, creams, oils, kinesio tape, bandages, etc., everything needed to be at your best during the race.
Our qualified and professional physios will make sure you finish the event in the best possible conditions.
We recommend having a pre-event sports massage from your usual physio a few days before the competition so that you arrive in the best possible form.
At the end of the stage we’ll schedule you in for your massage.
All the above services are subject to possible changes due to conditions beyond our control.