To be able to access the Technical area, and to comply with the traceability protocol (Catalan Cycling Federation), you must register here:


The technical area will be divided into 3 areas and the corresponding accreditation will be issued:

  1. UCI TEAMS technical area. Area reserved for federated with a competition license, technical or mechanical, only adults. To help riders who are members of UCI teams. It must be accredited by federative license.
  2. Technical area TEAMS. Area reserved for federated with a competition license, technical or mechanical, only adults. To help team runners. It must be accredited by federative license.
  3. Technical area for individuals, PARTICULARS. Area reserved for attendees who support individual runners, with a cycling license or day license, only adults.

It is recommended to group the maximum number of riders for each accreditation delivered. Also, once the assistance to the runner is over, leave the area so that they can help the other runners in the best conditions and avoid congestion. Participants are asked not to throw trash and leave the area clean, no waste. Also keep in mind:


  • Mandatory use of the mask always.
  • Be sure to cover your nose and mouth.
  • You will have hydroalcoholic gel at your disposal. Use it frequently.
  • Always have an interpersonal distance of 2 m. Do not make groups.

  • The federated and non-federated of Catalonia, the county confinement is lifted, only if the displacement is done alone or with the coexistence bubble. You will need to bring the certificate of declaration responsible for justifying the trip.
  • Members in another community can download the mobility certificate in their private area of ​​the RFEC. Both for competition licenses and cycling tourists.
  • Those who attend runners with a day license, at the time of registration may download a certificate accrediting their participation in the race (we recommend each to verify its validity according to current regulations of the autonomous community or country of residence).

* All these regulations may be subject to variations, depending on possible updates to legal restrictions or variations that may arise, and it is highly recommended to be informed of possible variations.